A leader in machining complex parts which require assembly and
secondary machining for parts with high volume requirements




At M K Chambers, we have rotary transfer, multi-spindle, CNC lathes and production screw machines which are all capable of meeting your high volume requirements at competitive pricing levels.

Our specialized high-volume equipment list includes the following:


Expertise in understanding the mechanics of this production equipment has allowed us to provide our customers competitive pricing for both high & low volume production jobs. This has allowed us to become a full service supplier for our current customer base.

CNC Machining

To complement our multi-spindle and rotary transfer machining operations, MK Chambers added a 30,000 square foot building in 1998, specifically dedicated to CNC Lathe machining. This facility houses a wide variety of CNC Lathes and machining centers. This has added to our machining capabilities allowing MK Chambers to hold our customer’s close tolerance print requirements, and offer capability of machining forgings and other components up to a diameter of 225 mm.
Our Twin-Spindle Lathes come with multiple set-up options:

Gantry loaders for high-volume chucking
Automatic bar feeders to increase productivity
Pick-off spindles for back-working

Applications for this CNC Machining equipment includes:

CNC Lathe Machining of forgings & castings
Thread Cutting
Low Volume & High Volume requirements
Short set-up time
High volume output

Specialty Machining

At M K Chambers Company, we have dedicated floor space to specialty machining centers, which include a full line of custom-built automated equipment that provide many different secondary operations including:

Threading/Thread rolling

We manufacture our own tooling for our multi-spindle machines, creating shorter lead times for our customers, as well as utilizing a Plex Systems monitoring to ensure the highest quality products are delivered on time.

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The Advantages of Thread Rolling

Thread rolling improves tensile strength, shear and fatigue resistance.
Material saved by threading rolling up to 25 percent compared to cut threads.
Superior finish on major/minor and flank angles.
We can roll bars up to 12 feet, 2 inch diameter, maintain your tolerances and ship to you for your manufacturing process.

A list of some, but not all the materials we can roll...
1005-1095 Low Carbon Steel
12L14, 12L15, 11L17, 11L41
40 series alloy steel
304 -316 Stainless
403-416 Stainless
And many more...
Tesker and Kinefac Thread Rollers
5 Thru feed rollers, 2 infeed rollers
2 new infeed-thru feed rollers arriving Oct 2023
We also have a large inventory of thread rolling dies
we may have just what you need.


About M K Chambers Company

Founded in North Branch, Michigan in 1957 by Merle K. Chambers, M.K. Chambers Company began as a family-owned custom thread rolling shop. With less than 1,000 sq. ft. of floor space to work in, our company and its five employees excelled in servicing the metalworking and fabricating industries. M.K. Chambers has grown to become the leading manufacturing company it is today, with three separate plants totaling over 70,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing floor space. The company utilizes CNC turning, thread rolling and machining, as well as modern engineering and prototyping services to be the premier supplier of components to the automotive, medical, aerospace and military industries. With its diverse mix of employee experience, M.K. Chambers utilizes Plex Systems integrated manufacturing and accounting software to seamlessly maintain and control inventory and operations across all three plants. This allows the company to continue to provide efficiently developed parts with superb quality to both domestic and international customers. This consistent level of quality also reflects M.K. Chambers’ strict adherence to ISO9001-2015 standards. 


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